Welcome to 3D Heaven

A Unique Way to Bring Traffic to Your Web Site

Send your target audience an invitation and a pair of customized 3D glasses and watch them come in!

We can take original 3D pictures, or even modify your existing product or people photos so they literally jump off the screen!

Ideal for attracting attention and generating PR and word-of-mouth!

Criterion Ltd. offers three services:
  • Original 3D photography - studio or on location with two cameras, producing two negatives
  • Conversion of standard 2D images into simulated 3D images (Typical image conversion cost: $45/image)
  • Technology transfer - showing photographers and graphic artists how to produce prints or web images using both the two camera and single camera process. Typically this is done with a single day of instruction - $750/day plus transportation (or done using videoconferencing and the internet)

Click on the Sample Images to see a larger version.
(you'll need red/blue 3D glasses with the red lens on the left eye):

(If you can track down the August 1998 issue of National Geographic magazine, or the Winter 2000 issue of Sports Illustrated, you'll have a pair of viewers there!)


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Montreal QC (Twin Leica M3 cameras - 50mm):

sleaves.jpg (68956 bytes)smcgill.jpg (88584 bytes)sroddick.jpg (89532 bytes)syellow.jpg (82770 bytes)3dmagog.jpg (44920 bytes)

Santa Fe NM (Single camera - two exposures):

sfstatue3.jpg (66930 bytes)sftree.jpg (121140 bytes) sfadobe.jpg (114516 bytes)sfchairs3d.jpg (88091 bytes)sfstatue2.jpg (90996 bytes)

For more information please contact:

Richard Cekal
6772 Leon Trepanier
Montreal Quebec
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Tel: (514) 993-3712
Email: rcekal@3dheaven.com